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      Established in 2002


ISSN 1312-5443

is published by Bulgarian Agricultural Engineering Society ERA.

It is a free electronic journal in English language in a form similar to CIGR Journal for Agricultural Engineering Scientific Research and Development.

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The e-journal operates in a manner similar to a conventional paper journal. The Editorial Board is responsible for reviewing manuscripts and maintaining necessary quality.

Web Site and computer
A home page is setting up at the following address: baer.uni-ruse.bg. The computer facilities of University of Ruse is using at no cost to BAER. Authors should submit manuscripts to baer@uni-ruse.bg.

Mission Statement
The BAER e-journal provides a means for communication and exchange of research result and other more general information among agricultural engineers and others interested in agricultural engineering subjects around Balkan countries. It provides an international forum for scientific discussion of techniques and approaches to a higher efficiency in agriculture. Categories for consideration by the Editorial Board includes:

• Original research papers

• Invited overview papers

• Short papers on research in progress or other items of general interest

• Special issues of the scientific conferences

• Abstracts in English of already published papers and reports in other languages

• Student reports

• Book reviews

• Letters to the editors, comments and critique of published materials

• Other topics as may evolve

Editorial Board
The Editorial Board includes mainly representatives from all Balkan countries. The members of the Editorial Boards have solid research experience and publications, commitment and willingness to promptly review two or three manuscripts in English per year.

Papers will be put on WWW immediately after the peer review process is completed and the necessary modifications are made to the satisfaction of the Editorial Board.

Financial Aspects
The Editor-in-Chief and the Editorial Board are non-paid volunteers. The cost of operating this e-journal will be minimal and is in charge of ERA. Publications in BAER are without of charge to the authors.

Guide for authors
ASAE guidelines is using for authors in this journal too. As a rule, manuscripts have to be limited to 8 pages. Please restrict graphics and photos to the bare essentials because of their eventual large amount of memory required.

Copyright Declaration

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We also inform you, that because of a malicious cyber-attack, a change of journal’s initial form was made.